Protecting Yourself, Your Online Data and Your Digital Finger Print

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Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed [or have been affected by] a large upswing in data breaches, information leaks and your digital identities stolen or used against your own will for the profits of others. Protecting your and your family’s data and identities is now a real, immediate emergency. As part of this security blog series, I am going to start discussing how to best protect your data and identity in a cheap and time effective manner.

If you are asking yourself if these online and offline protections matter, please don’t waste another second mulling over the threats to your online identity and data. We have seen enough small, and large, data breaches over the past ten years to stop ignoring our approach to personal data security. Got it? Lol, cool. Let’s focus in on why and what has happened over the past few years.

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