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Privacy Policy

You and we are online operating in the New World Internet. Your privacy is zilch. Your security is zilch. Yes we employ cookies on our standard WordPress installation. Yes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and another 1000+ big-brother-like advertising companies [that you’ve never heard of] are secretly mining your precious user session data at every pixel movement and keystroke just to sell you one more fucking Malaysian-made, wool cat sweater for Mr. Ruffles.

We’re sorry, we hate it too.

We try our best to keep things tight, clean and try not to inadvertently share or expose your data or security. Keep your ad-blockers running, your malware and antivirus apps in top shape and make sure your aware of what’s going on around you.

Content & Images

From time to time we may post content that doesn’t fly with the political correctness of the current landscape. That’s life, don’t read our content,  visit our site and definitely don’t email us your opinions of said content unless it is well structured as an adult conversation.

Additionally, we may pull in, link to, hotlink to, or redistribute Open Source, Creative Commons, BSD or other seemingly freely available photos, images, artwork, content, words, things, data, cats, apps, etc. When we do, we will do our best to reference or credit the original author as said author’s license commands or recommends.

However, if you find that we are using something of yours that you don’t want us to use, need us to update a reference or license, please send us a kind note. Please don’t be a d-bag and send us legal threats or DMCA notices. In a world where typing a single letter into a web form requires a 70-page EULA, we think we can try to be understanding and decent human beings by working with each other.