Bitcoiners be like…

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This popped today and we thought it was worth a few hundred words.

Bitcoiners Be Like

First, the Internets report that this guy was killed in India for owing some debts displaying all his riches. That isn’t was this post is about. RIP Mustache-Bitcoin-Gold-Guy. Whether you deserved it [or not], you are sporting more gold than any A,B,C,D-list rappers – combined. #kudos

What we wanted to convey was how true this meme’s message has really become. 2009-2014 has been a much different and darker landscape for Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies than the progression from 2014-2018. Almost a night and day  approach Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology, the core developers and the community. Infighting, politics, governments seizing control cross-borders, ICO scams, attacks, smearing and scandal.

What a great, new, decentralized and anonymous world we’ve built; that mirrors the exact same system that has been operating for millennia. Now, just with ledgers of hate and misery. We can’t say all cryptocurrencies are evil or heading that direction, but it sure seems like that market capitalization isn’t growing day-by-day to give financial decentralization to the human race.

Personally, I’m guilty of it too. It’s hard to HODL and trumpet when you can ride these scheduled pump-and-dump schemes for 10-50% gains. It seems that Bitcoin is being built into its own class of asset and far off from its original currency (or commodity) intent. Feels like a big, dirty fiat system accompanied with wild swings and good ol’ shit-talking.

Hopefully it can turn around, but I have to go find 10 Radeon 570s to mine my “free” Ethereum and shit coins. Lol.

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